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Melon’s Staying on Track Hacks

Melon’s Staying on Track Hacks


This week's blog comes from our Meal Prep Queen and awesome Chef, Melanie Bosacki
- Mel shares her top tips for staying focused and on track when it comes to food.

We all know that eating healthily and trying to stay on the band wagon is hard, like, Really Hard! So we have put together a list of our best tips to make eating a healthy and balanced diet and meal prep easier.

1. Don’t buy stuff to please others.

We’ve all done it. Picked up a packet of biscuits, bar of chocolate or fizzy drink to have in the house ‘just in case’. We have also all demolished said ‘just in case’ purchase in a moment of sheer madness and desperation! If its not in the house, you can’t eat it. It’s that simple. And if someone stops by for a cuppa and you haven’t got a biscuit to offer them, the world is not going to end, they will not report you for this act of selfishness (hopefully…!)

2. Do a weekly shop.

Make a list. What are you out of, what do you need to stock up on, have you got time this week to make a batch of something and freeze it in portions? Try not to deviate from your list either and don’t be tempted by offers on things you don’t need. Doing a regular shop won’t only help you stay on track but it will help you save those precious pennies too.

3. Be organised.

It’s a known fact that when life is hectic and stressful we drift away from our healthy meals and snacks and grab whatever is quick and uneasy and unfortunately those things are never healthy (oh how we wish they were!) So, get prepping people!! Set aside a bit longer for the food shop and the dreaded grocery put away. When you get home organise your shopping before it goes into cupboards and the fridge. Un-package what can be un-packaged and organise your cupboards so the things you use often and regularly are close to hand and neatly organised. When it comes to fresh produce like fruit and veg get your chopping board and Tupperware out. Get slicing and dicing and store things unpacked and ready prepped to save you time later in the week. Dinner is so much quicker and less of a mental challenge when you haven’t got to stand in the kitchen and prep veg when you get home from work or the gym.


4. Meal Prep, Meal Prep, Meal Prep.

This one is so important (that’s why we wrote it three times!) The secret ingredient to successful meal prepping is having a plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail. It’s so much easier to achieve when you have a plan to follow. After you have done your weekly shop (see no2.) and organised all your purchases as according to no3. (see what we did there!), it’s time to get your prep on. You can prep two-three days’ worth of snacks and lunches ahead of time. My routine is prep on Sunday, which is shopping day for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and prep on Wednesday night for Thursday, Friday and sometimes Saturday depending on our schedules. It makes the week so much easier to manage and it helps you stay on track.

5. Treat Yourself

Treats don’t have to be edible. When you reach your next goal think about treating yourself to a new bit of gym gear like those funky leggings you like or the latest pair of trainers. If that doesn’t float your boat then what about a cook book to give you new inspiration and motivation for eating healthily on the next chapter of your journey.

6. Be Inspired

Inspiration is EVERYWHERE! Pinterest is a must, so you can have all your recipes and work ideas in one place on your phone or tablet. See what other people are doing in the gym and don’t be afraid to have a go or ask a PT to demonstrate a new exercise to you. Recipe and meal prep ideas in a 2 year old magazine in a waiting room, on social media, free supermarket magazines. Fitness inspo can be walking the dog in the park, catching up with an old friend, on the tele. The possibilities are endless.

7. Give yourself a break.

Finally, give yourself a break, don’t be so hard on yourself and try not to sweat the small stuff. If things aren’t quite going in the direction you want don’t obsess. Try mixing up your diet by swapping your meals around or eating at different times of the day or give a gym class a go instead of doing your usual workout routine. Relax and have faith that eating well and exercising will reward you.

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